Planning an Outdoor Fall Wedding

Fall is a magical time and can make your wedding all the more special if you decide to have it outdoors. Mother Nature is in full bloom – alight with nuances that you don’t get to see in any other season. It’s no wonder that so many New Yorkers head out of the city just for a chance to catch a glimpse of the foliage changing colors upstate. So why not make this once-in-a-year event part of your special day theme? You might think the weather is too unpredictable to plan an outdoor fall wedding, but with a little planning and preparation – the natural beauty of warm red, orange, and red leaves can become the perfect backdrop for your special day.

If you want to have the perfect outdoor sunshine-filled wedding, here are a few tips to ensure everything goes as planned.

Think of the Weather

Nature’s colors are not the only thing changing in the fall – sometimes, it seems like the weather has a mind of its own. A slight drizzle may not be a big deal but no bride wants to get soaked in her beautiful bridal gown as she’s saying her vows in front of friends and family.

Luckily, there are several options to turn a fall wedding into a reality while still enjoying the charm of the outdoors. Hiring a marquee or a tent is one of them. Many venues will let you place one on their grounds and help with decorations. This can provide a magical intimate setting that shelters you from the elements. Another option is to look for venues that have glass terraces or large glass halls that still let you enjoy the colorful scenery but without any of the worry about wind, rain or cold.

Keep it Simple


Like we said, fall is beautiful and vibrant enough with its fiery nuances on its own. There’s no need for over-the-top decorations and elaborate themes for your wedding as they will only clash with the natural beauty that is all around. Outdoor fall weddings work best when a certain degree of minimalism is involved. Making fall a part of your wedding theme is not only a smart decision money-wise, but it will give your special day a down-to-earth, casual vibe that can make guests feel relaxed and welcome. Not that there’s anything wrong with an elegant, fairytale-like wedding, but there is a time and place for everything and fall calls for a more natural approach.

Centerpieces and other decorations can use season appropriate flowers, such as mums, sun flowers, eucalyptus, garden roses, thistle and privet berry. Scattering flavorful fall fruits, such as apples, pears, and cranberries on the tables will set the mood.

Make it Seasonal

Fall can be an inspiration not just for the decorations for your wedding day. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the seasonal ingredients when preparing the menu too! Hearty fall vegetables, turkey, yams, and cornbread are all great and tasty examples. Spiced cider, cheeses, and fall wines have a certain charm to them as well. Desserts, such as apple and pumpkin pies, carrot cake and pumpkin spice cake are excellent ways of celebrating the season.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the fall palette – there are so many ways to fill your canvas with as much of it as you like. Some brides prefer the simple elegance of being outdoors with a breathtaking autumn backdrop while others want elegant arrangements to complete the dramatic event that is their big day. And we can’t say either is wrong. An outdoor fall wedding gives you many choices to set the mood you’re looking for. With a trusted wedding planner by your side and a beautiful venue location – the wedding that you’ve always dreamt of is one step closer to being a beautiful reality.