Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Most women have been dreaming about their wedding ever since they were little girls. But now that it’s all happening, it can feel a bit overwhelming at times.  We all know that planning a wedding isn’t all fun and games — there’s a lot to do to prepare for your big day! But if you’re struggling with all the preparations, you should consider hiring a wedding planner.

A wedding planner is a professional consultant who helps you with most (if not all) of the tasks related to planning a wedding. From dealing with vendors, shopping for accessories, etiquette and even the smallest of details, this expert has the skills and contacts to make your day come together seamlessly. Not to mention that hiring a wedding planner will free your time to enjoy the planning process instead of stressing over all the preparations.

Since wedding planners are professionals, they know the industry inside out and have many valuable contacts with vendors and venues that are perfect for weddings. They can make recommendations on locations that will suit your preferred wedding type (e.g., outdoor, evening, etc.) and coordinate everything to the last detail.

Hiring a wedding planner is especially handy if you have an out-of-town wedding. Whether it’s a different city or state, if you have travel arrangements and transport for decorations, catering and everything else – it’ll be helpful to hire someone who’s familiar with the area as well as local vendors and venues.

Not only can a wedding planner help you get more bang for your buck, but they can also represent you at meetings with your vendors before the big day. A planner who knows the area will help organize all of the details you’ll need to cover for your guests, such as hotel accommodations, welcome baskets, maps, and directions. Their experience and knowledge of the industry and sector will even let them come up with a list of fun suggestions for guests to do during their downtime.

If you have budget limitations, a wedding planner can help you get the most value for your money. They will work with you to understand your limits and then help you stick to a reasonable budget, stretching your dollar as far as it will go. It’s easy for couples to overspend on items that are not essential and forget to factor in others that are if they’re doing things themselves. A wedding planner takes the time to understand what’s important to you but also helps you determine what items can be cut from the budget so you can afford to get what you want. Because most wedding planners have established business relationships with vendors, they won’t just get you the best deal in town — they’ll also help you rest easy knowing you’re working with reliable companies.

A wedding is, after all, a fun and exciting event that you’re supposed to enjoy to the fullest. Sadly, many couples stress over planning and preparation, missing out on one of the happiest times of their lives. Hiring a wedding planner buys you one thing it’s hard to put a price on – freedom. Freedom to have fun while organizing your wedding, because someone else is taking care of all the tedious little tasks that tie the whole event together. And buying peace of mind can be the difference between a having a good and a great wedding.

Things You Should Know Before Booking Wedding Venue

Things You Should Know Before Booking Wedding Venue

So, planning for a wedding huh? You obviously want every single thing to be perfect. And by perfect I mean awe-inspiringly perfect. After all, it is a wedding and there are many things that you need to take care of before the actually begins.

Now, most people tend to give up on the added pressure and hire a separate wedding planner that decides every single thing from flowers to decoration to the guests to the cake and everything else.

But then, there are some who like to plan their own wedding. Planning a wedding requires a lot of preparations and the one thing that is considered to be the most important one. The one without which a wedding seems incomplete.

Booking A Wedding Venue

It is no surprise that booking a wedding venue is one of the most important parts of a wedding. And especially if it is a destination wedding. Let me tell you this, all-inclusive destination weddings have a superb wedding venue planned for them. And you will be able to do that too. There are many booking websites for weddings where you will get the best destination wedding packages for your wedding. And they are all pretty much available as well. But then, just booking a wedding venue online is not the end, there are somethings that should be on your mind before you go ahead and book it.

  • The Timing Of The Ceremony: Certainly one of the most important things to consider, especially if you are having a church wedding. Considering the time of the wedding ceremony is certainly a thing to remember when you book wedding venue online. There are many who offer an early time that means there will be some time left between the Reception parties.
  • The Ceremony Ending Time: This is another thing that needs to be considered before you even begin to look for wedding package deals Most people like to have their reception until late midnight, but then there are some venues that offer an open bar for a limited period of time, which makes the situation difficult. You might want to put some thought on that.
  • Number of Guests: Knowing the number of guests to your wedding helps in a lot of ways to book wedding venues because then you absolutely know for sure whether your venue is capable of fitting this many guests or not. Most venues, though attractive, have a limit for accommodating guests. Knowing the exact number of guests can prove to be helpful in these cases.
  • Seating Arrangements: You need to be absolutely sure about the seating arrangements in the wedding venue when you book one. It is essential that your guests have their dinner in the same room, and if you don’t like the arrangements then you can definitely look for other traditional wedding packages as well.
  • Distance From Home: Well, when it comes to wedding venues, I know what most of you are thinking. ‘Is there a wedding venue near me?’ Most brides are worried about the distance of the wedding venue as travelling from their homes seems to be a lot of work. That is if you decide to get a church wedding close to home. For destination weddings, however, there are many options. The wedding venue LaGrangeville has is truly worth considering.
  • Budget Of The Wedding: Knowing how much your budget is before you make an online booking for the venue from the wedding booking websites is really important. Because when you know your budget, it will be easier to decide what kind of a package you want for your wedding venue. The total cost of the open bar, the venue and the food make the whole package and if affordable, you can go ahead with your booking. The wedding packages LaGrangeville has are worth a look.
  • Always Have A Backup Plan: One thing that you always have to know, in case you are having an open-air wedding, is that what will be the backup plan in case it rains. And will it be at any cost if you were to implement it? Rain is something that can happen on a wedding day and especially if you book wedding New York. It really ruins the atmosphere of the wedding, if it is an open air one. So while booking a wedding venue, it is important to have a backup plan in mind in case of the rain.

Booking a wedding venue is not a very difficult task if you keep these following thing in mind. It will be a much better event than you could’ve imagined.

How To Make Your Wedding Special And Memorable

How To Make Your Wedding Special And Memorable

Every couple has dream for their wedding. They want everything to be perfect. From the people at the wedding to the small insignificant details as well. After all, it is a special day for the both of them. And everything is supposed to be just perfect. But then, some people really like to mix it up when it comes to planning a wedding.

A wedding should be memorable for the one who is getting married and the ones that are attending the ceremony and looking at the bored and monotonous way people nowadays get married, it is a little interesting if you get to see a change once in a while.

Some Creative Ideas To Make The Wedding A Memorable One

The weddings these are pretty much similar nowadays. From the same decorations with flowers and candle to the same venues again and again. It can be said that if you have seen one wedding then you have certainly seen all of them. The typical wedding is just generic and predictable. I mean, get real people, there are so many unique wedding venues to choose from. Why can’t you give that a try? No one remembers how beautiful the bride looked or how delish the cake was. But everyone remembers those tiny little details that make your wedding special.

To make your wedding a memorable one, there are some things that need to be finalised before the actual ceremony begins. There are many wedding package deals that can suit your budget or a memorable wedding.

Selecting A Unique Wedding Venue

Probably one of the most important deals when you are looking for means to make your wedding a memorable one. Most people prefer to have traditional wedding venues when they select one from the venue booking websites. However, it is really essential that you set an example that is a bit different from the norm. And having a unique wedding venue for your wedding can be an amazing way to do that. There are so many amazing options available for people to choose from. One of the latest trends that has been going on is of the golf course wedding venues. Yes, you heard it right? People now have all sorts of options for them.

One of the greater benefits of having an open-air wedding is that you save a lot of cost from the interior decorations and stuff. Plus it is o unique that people will definitely remember it. So for couple who are looking for wedding venues to make people mesmerized, the golf club wedding venues are definitely worth trying.

However, you might need to decide on the budget first. See, the thing about having amazing and unique weddings is that they are pretty much expensive. Especially for a golf course venue. I mean, sure it is all unique, but it is really important that you check for the wedding venue prices before you select one. Now I know what most of you are thinking. Are there any golf course wedding venues near me? Well, they are certainly not to find.

Choose Good Music

Don’t you just love it when after the wedding the couples have their first dance as a married pair? And how boring it is to see the same old bands play the same old songs again and again. Let’s, face the truth. Nobody likes it. Not even the couple. They just do it because it is tradition. So then, why not be a bit unique when it comes to selecting music for the wedding. Nowadays there are so many options available. You could always go for the live music parties or a DJ. The options are endless. Plus the guests at your wedding have a wonderful time. Everyone enjoys the wedding your goal of making it a memorable one becomes fulfilled. Every wedding in union vale opt for live bands and DJs for their receptions. When looking for music groups, you will get some deluxe wedding packages, which can be good for the budget.

Making the wedding ceremony a memorable event is something that every couple should aim to do. There are so many options available in the online sites where you can get the best deals while booking for venues, cakes, music, and other important things. By keeping the above-mentioned things in mind, you certainly will be able to make your wedding an event that every guest of yours remembers.

choose best golf school

When it comes to choose best golf school, many questions arises in aspirant’s mind. Every aspirant wants to have the best learning experience from the school he/she is going to learn from. So today in this article we tell you on what parameters one should choose best golf school.

Consider You’re Need: Before you start your search for best academy sports golf clubs near me, first consider your needs. Because it is you yourself make the list of the credentials than start your search. The credentials could be related to:

  • How much Experienced Instructor do you want?
  • Where do you want your academy should be located?
  • What facilities do you want in the academy?
  • Which learning method your golf school adapt?
  • What is the Student-to-Instructor ratio?
  • How much you can pay?

Accreditation and Experience: The very first question comes in everyone’s mind is how experienced your instructor is? Whether he has the capabilities to take you to your desired level?

So if you are searching for academy sports golf clubs than always make sure that your instructor should be experienced enough. He should have the active accreditation. Inquire thoroughly about instructor accreditation.

Teaching technology: With the advancement of the technology, every field goes digitalize. Learning sector is not the exception. So before joining a golf school make it sure that the school should teach you on the latest technology. Ongoing trend is Video learning. Don’t forget to ask your instructor that whether they have video tutorials or not.

Location of the School: – Nearest Golf Course will save your time and energy. So when you going to choose the best golf schools than you should have complete list of the” Golf Course near me” Moreover, search for  local golf courses. But should go through other facilities as well.  If you can’t found any good golf course near you than find place which is within your reach.

School Fee Structure: – Cost of the Courses is the most important factor in choosing the golf school. Cheap golf school with the best facilities attracts more aspirants. So before choosing Golf instructor gets quotation from different Golf Schools. But don’t consider fee structure alone. Select the combination of cost effective and good facility school. Moreover, also check if school is offering any golf membership. Membership attracts many benefits and offers for the member. If your selected school this facility than grab it.

Student-to-Instructor ratio: – This is another most important factor to consider a golf school. Make sure that the school you are looking for shouldn’t have many students under a single teacher. Under that scenario, each student gets less time to understand from the teacher. Standard Student to teacher ratio is 4 to 1.

A variety of learning opportunities: Before joining the “golf camp for adults” ask your instructor what facilities and learning opportunities they are providing you.  These facilities could be group lessons, playing lessons and pro-am events. Moreover, checkout what special offers your school is providing if you take series of lessons.

Excellent Golf Driving Tips

In Today’s Blog we are going to share excellent Golf driving tips for beginners that will surely help boost your confidence.

Golf has been played for centuries and enjoyed by millions of people of all ages around the world.  The game was first played in 15th Century in Kingdom of Scotland. This game is regarded as the honor built on integrity and sportsmanship. In the beginning, game was played by aged men. But now it becomes more popular among youth as well. The most significant reason of its popularity is in the fact that one can play golf for his entire life.

Golf for beginners can bit daunting, but once you learn nothing can give you more pleasure. So if you have decided to learn the greatest sport than we congratulate you and provide you golf lessons. Our Golf lessons for Beginners are followed by thousands of people all over world.

Proper Golf Grip: – The very first golf instruction is to work on your grip. If your grip is not right than you can’t swing the club properly. The right way to grip your club is to hold it in your right hand (if you are right handed) and keep it in front of you at eye level.  Now put your left hand on the top of the club and hold it. For left handed, follow the instruction vice versa. Golden rule to learn anything is practice. So keep practice this gripping technique.

Practice Putting: – Next comes in golf tips for beginners is practice putting. I seen many golfers, whether they are experienced or fresher, don’t focus on putting. But always remember one can’t make putts without having proper fundamentals. Putting stroke works same as pendulum i.e. back and forth.

Posture is the key to putting. Proper posture not only makes you feel comfortable but also allows you to make far more putts. For Proper Posture tilt forward at the top your spin, knees flexed and arms hang underneath the rib cage.

Golf Swing: – This section will give you the golf swing tips. Starting with golf swing basics, backswing comes first followed by downswing and impact. At last comes follow-through to finish. For correct backswing follows these golf swing mechanics steps.

  1. Spill Left Knee
  2. Straight left arm( shouldn’t be rigid)
  3. Move your hands back to near your back leg
  4. Keep club grip tight

Second comes in Golf swing for beginners are Downswing.

  1. Turn your left hip
  2. Still Head
  3. Consistent spine angle
  4. Move onto left foot
  5. Hit with right hand hardly

Third comes: Impact

  1. Shoulders slightly opened
  2. Slightly Flexed Left arm
  3. Right Knee kicked in
  4. Put weight on left foot

Lastly comes: Follow Through to finish

  1. Strong club grip
  2. Rotate forearms
  3. Toe of the Club should pass the heel
  4. Raise your right feet
  5. Belt buckle facing target

Hitting the Driver

At last, final golf tip for beginners is related to your driver. With our golf driving tips you could nourish your driving skills.

Always keep one thing in your mind is that hitting a driver properly will set the tone for entire round. For proper drive, keep your weight balanced. Don’t put your weight back as you need to swing the club back. Equally distributed balance will let you hit the ball and get your drives in the air and reaching your goal.


Getting Married Out of Town

Planning a wedding out of town is a dream of many brides-to-be.  Naturally, the first thought is of logistics, planning and endless scheduling with relatives, but if you pick the right venue – not too close and not too far away – you can just make it work! More and more couples are opting for venues like The Links at Union Vale, where they have the option and creative freedom to have the premises decorated based on a theme and have custom-made menus that don’t break the bank.

To make sure your out-of-town wedding goes as smoothly as possible, here are a few tips and suggestions:

  • Hire a planner who is familiar with the area. Or better yet – work directly with the venue you’ve selected. They will know all the local vendors and offer much better package deals than the ones you will be getting if you’re shopping around yourself. Working with a planner who knows the area will help you way more than you could ever imagine. They will be able to give you reputable vendor recommendations, as well as help you set up meetings for your visits.
  • If you have to travel out of town, it’s wise to schedule your vendor meetings ahead of time and on the same day. That way, when you get to your wedding’s location, you can meet with all of them at the same time. Take into consideration your own travel, as well as vendors’ schedules, so expect to schedule your days of meetings at least 3 weeks ahead of time. If you’re meeting with floral designers, schedule all the meetings on the same day. The same applies to cake tasting and everything else.
  • As you’re not local to the area, it’s important to search and compare prices to know what’s acceptable and what’s over the top. If you’re relying on your wedding venue to make the vendor arrangements, you are given a financial safety net as they probably have established business relationships that guarantee them preferential rates. But if you’re working with your own planner, you will want to double-check everything they run by you. Check vendor reviews on sites like Every Last Vendor, ask questions and make smart choices.
  • Plan ahead. Having a wedding out of town means your guests will also face travel and accommodation. Some may very well be flying from across the country. Be mindful of how much you’re asking of your family and friends. We understand it’s Your Big Day and you want to be surrounded by your favorite people, but the truth is not everyone can afford the travelling and accommodation expenses that come with an out-of-town wedding. Look for ways to ease the financial burden and ask the venue if they offer discounts for group packages or look for affordable hotels nearby that won’t break the bank for your guests. Make them feel welcome and important by showing that you want them to be there on your day.

Planning an out of town wedding takes a bit more coordination and multitasking compared to living close to your wedding venue. But if you stay organized, plan ahead, and make financially smart choices – you can have the celebration you’ve always dreamed of!


Top-Five New York State Outdoor Wedding Venues

Best New York State Outdoor Wedding Venues 

Find historic venues, wineries, golf clubs, hotels and more – New York and New Jersey are full of venues that are perfect for your wedding ceremony location. New York State has hundreds of beautiful places to get married, but narrowing them down to find the most idyllic spot for your wedding reception or ceremony isn’t easy. Here’s a little help with a top 5 list of places that are known to be popular with couples from around the state.


With spectacular views of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, Dyker Beach Golf Course is an oasis of lush tranquility and a unique place to host your event in New York. Originally opened in the 1890’s, it has recently undergone an extensive renovation to better accommodate both small parties and large groups of up to 350.

This venue offers both indoor and outdoor options, taking advantage of its spectacular golf course views, convenient amenities, and world-class cuisine. Custom packages are available to help you create an event that is truly remarkable.


Breathtaking panoramic views, gentle rolling landscapes, and spectacular sunsets make The Links at Union Vale a picturesque setting for your perfect Hudson Valley wedding.

The venue has mastered the art of great weddings, along with all the service and details that go into making a memorable day. Their attractively priced, custom-tailored menus prepared by an in-house award-winning executive chef fit all budgets. Smaller weddings and large parties alike will find the venue to be surprisingly versatile and accommodating. The elegant ballroom and private cocktail lounge feature an over-sized dance floor with windows overlooking the golf course, which can also house a marquee.


Long Island’s exclusive beachfront destination provides the perfect backdrop for a fairy-tale wedding. The Crescent Beach Club has direct access to a beautiful white sand beach, where breathtaking views and the sound of the crashing waves will create an atmosphere of the most beautiful place imaginable to exchange your wedding vows. This paradise on the water is less than one hour from New York City and perfect for any wedding – big or small.


The Boathouse at Mercer Lake reveals sweeping views of the lush park greenery and a tranquil lake. Its modern and minimalistic design make it sleek and elegant with 19-foot vaulted ceilings, custom lighting, and dropdown LED projection system. Lakeview Hall is perfect for larger events of up to 250 guests for a night of dinner and dancing. For intimate weddings, The Boardroom holds up to 40 guests and is ideal for your guests to meet and mingle.


The Grand Oaks Country Club is an exquisite venue that goes above and beyond when it comes to making a wedding day all that it can be. The elegance of the facility will make each and every event a memorable one. The Grand Oaks Country Club boasts award-winning chefs who are dedicated to providing customized menus for the most selective tastes. Their goal is to entice the senses and to please the appetite of all.

There is nothing quite like walking down the aisle to the sight and sounds of picturesque scenery with lush golf courses, romantic meadows, and tranquil lakes. Perfect for spring, summer and fall weddings – New York’s best outdoor locations can bring an extra something to your Big Day for a romantic happily ever after.





The Benefits of Having Your Wedding Away from the City

As brides look at their options for a wedding ceremony and reception venues around New York City, they quickly notice one thing: it’s not easy.  Venues are booked out years in advance, and costs can be much higher.  So, here is how to plan a beautiful wedding day outside the city in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  A memorable day just the way you want it and your guests will love it too.

Wedding planning is a time-consuming task, and couples are always looking for ways to make sure the day goes smoothly without costs piling up. A practical and fun idea is to plan the ceremony and the reception wedding outside NYC at a single location.  The Links at Union Vale is just that place with its picture-perfect setting, exquisite ballroom and its easy accessibility to NYC.

Simplify the Planning

If you are planning a wedding out of town, consider a venue that can host both the ceremony and reception. There are so many benefits to staying at one location. First of all, this will make your wedding planning so much easier. If you have your entire wedding ceremony, pictures, and reception at one location, you only have to deal with one venue.   Having your wedding in one place also means one coordinator will be responsible everything goes the way you want it.   There will only be one location for decorations, drinks, and food and last-minute adjustments for the ceremony or the reception are quick and easy.  There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding, and anything that makes it simpler gives you more time and freedom to enjoy your big day.

Save Money

A single-venue wedding most often saves you money, and it’s much nicer for guests your guests too. No need to pay for transportation between locations for yourself or your bridal party.  Other things that can add up when there are two places include travel for the photographer, and decorations and rental costs for two sites. You can see how all of these things start to add up.

Make Things More Comfortable for Guests

A lot of couples get caught up in elaborate plans about exotic and expensive wedding destinations, but what about your guests? Not everyone can afford the travel fares as well as taking time off work. Having your wedding ceremony and reception at the same site eliminates all of the ‘in between’ travel that happens with multiple locations.

Guests will be more relaxed and able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings that you’ve chosen for your wedding.   Not to mention, they’ll be no rushing off after the ceremony to get to the reception.   A single site offers the chance for you to mingle more with your guests.  How many times after a wedding have you heard a bride say, “I wish I had more time to get to talk with everyone!”





Planning an Outdoor Fall Wedding

Fall is a magical time and can make your wedding all the more special if you decide to have it outdoors. Mother Nature is in full bloom – alight with nuances that you don’t get to see in any other season. It’s no wonder that so many New Yorkers head out of the city just for a chance to catch a glimpse of the foliage changing colors upstate. So why not make this once-in-a-year event part of your special day theme? You might think the weather is too unpredictable to plan an outdoor fall wedding, but with a little planning and preparation – the natural beauty of warm red, orange, and red leaves can become the perfect backdrop for your special day.

If you want to have the perfect outdoor sunshine-filled wedding, here are a few tips to ensure everything goes as planned.

Think of the Weather

Nature’s colors are not the only thing changing in the fall – sometimes, it seems like the weather has a mind of its own. A slight drizzle may not be a big deal but no bride wants to get soaked in her beautiful bridal gown as she’s saying her vows in front of friends and family.

Luckily, there are several options to turn a fall wedding into a reality while still enjoying the charm of the outdoors. Hiring a marquee or a tent is one of them. Many venues will let you place one on their grounds and help with decorations. This can provide a magical intimate setting that shelters you from the elements. Another option is to look for venues that have glass terraces or large glass halls that still let you enjoy the colorful scenery but without any of the worry about wind, rain or cold.

Keep it Simple


Like we said, fall is beautiful and vibrant enough with its fiery nuances on its own. There’s no need for over-the-top decorations and elaborate themes for your wedding as they will only clash with the natural beauty that is all around. Outdoor fall weddings work best when a certain degree of minimalism is involved. Making fall a part of your wedding theme is not only a smart decision money-wise, but it will give your special day a down-to-earth, casual vibe that can make guests feel relaxed and welcome. Not that there’s anything wrong with an elegant, fairytale-like wedding, but there is a time and place for everything and fall calls for a more natural approach.

Centerpieces and other decorations can use season appropriate flowers, such as mums, sun flowers, eucalyptus, garden roses, thistle and privet berry. Scattering flavorful fall fruits, such as apples, pears, and cranberries on the tables will set the mood.

Make it Seasonal

Fall can be an inspiration not just for the decorations for your wedding day. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the seasonal ingredients when preparing the menu too! Hearty fall vegetables, turkey, yams, and cornbread are all great and tasty examples. Spiced cider, cheeses, and fall wines have a certain charm to them as well. Desserts, such as apple and pumpkin pies, carrot cake and pumpkin spice cake are excellent ways of celebrating the season.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the fall palette – there are so many ways to fill your canvas with as much of it as you like. Some brides prefer the simple elegance of being outdoors with a breathtaking autumn backdrop while others want elegant arrangements to complete the dramatic event that is their big day. And we can’t say either is wrong. An outdoor fall wedding gives you many choices to set the mood you’re looking for. With a trusted wedding planner by your side and a beautiful venue location – the wedding that you’ve always dreamt of is one step closer to being a beautiful reality.